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KOC Group of Turkiye releases 2010 CSR Report with the theme of "Being One"

KOC Group of Turkiye releases 2010 CSR Report with the theme of "Being One".

From the report..

Our paramount objective at the Koç Group isto substantially enhance the quality of life inour areas of operation. In keeping with thisobjective, not only do we work to provideproducts and services that conform to thehighest universal standards of quality, but alsoto ensure the social and economic developmentof the communities that are impacted by ourareas of operation and to fulfil ourresponsibilities for protecting the environment.We view the sustainable development of thesociety we live in as the source of our owncorporate sustainability. Not only do we try todemonstrate this philosophy at everyopportunity, we also view it as synonymouswith the personal motto of our founder, VehbiKoç, who said, “I live and prosper with mycountry.” We consider this to be the guidingprinciple of our operations and our way ofdoing business.In the execution of our operations, we aim forunity with our stakeholders and the creation ofan integrated whole that moves towards acommon purpose. Therefore, we strive to learnthe expectations and opinions of ourstakeholders so that we can immediatelyrespond in the most appropriate manner. Weunderstand that the ability to deliver superlativeresults depends on creating a constructivecommunication environment founded on theprinciples of transparency and accountability.For this reason, we want to represent the “bestpractices” for each sector in which we operateand we are committed to continually improvingour practices and processes to achieve betterresults.Koç Group, the largest private sector employerwith many of Turkey’s well-respected industrialorganizations, annually publishes the Koç GroupCorporate Social Responsibility Report.  Sincesigning the United Nations Global Compact in2006, we have improved the level ofimplementation every year, communicating ourperformance in all relevant social,environmental, and economic areas with ourstakeholders. This is the fourth year that wehave published this report and we haveimproved in terms of scope, content andapplication in comparison with the previousreport we produced in April 2010.In the reports that we published previously, wefollowed the United National Global CompactCOP Reporting procedures with regard tomethodology. In this year’s report, we improvedour application by adding the Global ReportingInitiative G3 Reporting Framework principlesto our reporting work on the B application level,as they are the recognized global standard innon-financial reporting activities. We intend tofollow this methodological framework for ourreporting activities in the future.As we have done in previous years, our goalwas to provide our stakeholders with a generaloutline of our social, economic andenvironmental performance, which are theessential elements of corporate sustainability,within the scope of the reporting for this period.In order to achieve this goal with expandedcontent, we implemented the “Koç GroupSustainability Performance Evaluation andReporting System” in 2010. This system wascreated based on the views of Koç Groupemployees and numerous experts not affiliatedwith the company. We used this system toidentify the most critical sustainability issuesaround which the activities of the Koç Grouprevolve, and consequently how ourperformance should be evaluated and reported.With the information processing infrastructurethat we set up to facilitate the functionality ofthe system, we were able to evaluate and reportour sustainability performance in a moresystematic way.The intended audience for our reportencompasses each of our stakeholder groups,including our employees, our customers, ourshareholders, our investors, our partners, civilsociety and the professional organizations withwhich we work. For this reason, we kept thediversity of our target group in mind whenformulating the language of communicationand structuring the content of our report.The report covers Koç Holding activities andprojects carried out in Turkey between January1, 2010 and December 31, 2010. This year wehave expanded the scope of the report byraising the number of Group companiesincluded in our work from 10 to 18. Therefore,the report covers the practices and performanceof the Group companies Arçelik, Aygaz, FordOtosan, Koç Information Technologies Group*,Opet, Otokar, Otokoç Otomotiv, Tat, Tofafl,TürkTraktör, Tüprafl, and Yap› Kredi in social,economic, and environmental areas. Unlessthere is a statement to the contrary, apart fromthe sections which present the general profilefor Koç Holding, the performance of all thesecompanies is included in the data for describingthe indicators that demonstrate sustainability.The report also encompasses the work of theVehbi Koç Foundation and Koç University,which is affiliated with the foundation. However,unless there is a statement to the contrary, theperformance of these institutions is not includedin the consolidated numerical performancedata, tables, and graphics presented throughoutthe report. The content of the report we havegenerated represents 84.4% of Groupemployees and 94% of the Group’s combinedturnover.

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