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Jaidah Group supports Qatar Charity programme

Jaidah Group has demonstrated its dedication to the local society by committing itself to the TAYF programme, part of Qatar Charity’s portfolio of charitable projects.
Jaidah Group has made significant efforts to ensure that its employees are involved with TAYF. Employees interested in contributing can put their donations in the Tayf container that will be placed at Jaidah headquarters in Doha and its premises in the Industrial Area.
Mohamed al-Adsani, executive manager of TAYF, in-kind donation programme, said: “TAYF is the only programme of its kind in the region with the goal to help low-income groups in a way that preserves dignity while instilling a philanthropic spirit. It does this by inviting in-kind contributions such as clothing, medical supplies, toys, home appliances, and the like. The donations can be made at a number of locations around Doha, including malls, shops and public places. Qatar Charity pools these donations and distributes them according to the most pressing need.” 
Ali Mubarak al-Kubaisi, head of Donors’ Relations Section said: “The pioneering initiative TAYF, embraced and managed professionally by Qatar Charity, is a new approach by the organisation to commit to charity and humanitarian activities and to serve the local community.” 
Al-Kubaisi expressed his thanks and gratitude to Jaidah Group for its support for TAYF programme based on its social responsibility. 
“Promoting TAYF programme and raising awareness among our staff as to what it does and why it needs our support has been, and remains, vital to the Group’s corporate social responsibility activities,” Jaidah Group’s chief development officer, Mohamed Jaidah, said.

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