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IMPACT CSR Solutions Collaborating with NSSS in the Development of the Saudi National School Sport



IMPACT CSR Solutions has collaborated with the Global Advisory Committee (GCA) in the development of the National School Sports Strategy (NSSS); an initiative commissioned by the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia.


We pride ourselves in pioneering and executing the only fully integrated CSR solutions solely committed to the integrity of recreation within the region.


Distinctive of our credentials, IMPACT aims to equip NSSS with grounded analytical assessment procedures, thus influencing effective Human Resource practices in the industry.


As an integral component within our company we thrive in providing awareness of school sports within multi-layered social networks; inclusive of students, community, the disabled, women etc. Alongside, presenting innovative projects designed to enhance the role of volunteering hence establishing its purpose and benefits in the sports industry.


 It is our hope through a cultured approach we can collaborate our efforts in building and strengthening the future of physical education on an expansive scale. Thus, outlining the objective of IMPACT's participation in effectively aiding and creating the National School Sports Strategy.


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