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How Women Work and IBQ announce Strategic Partnership

The How Women Work Community is proud to announce its strategic partnership with the International Bank of Qatar (IBQ). The bank is supporting the How Women Work conference for the third consecutive years, and has also been sponsoring the How Women Success book which was launched in the fall of last year in Qatar.

"IBQ has consistently been a supporter of our How Women Work community over the past two years. We have thoroughly enjoyed this collaboration based on the goals we share for the community here in Doha, and especially its women. So we are delighted about entering into this strategic partnership and working even more closely together." said Carolin Zeitler, Founder of the How Women Work community.

Jabra Ghandour, Managing Director of IBQ said: "We're very pleased to be part of this successful women-oriented initiative for the third consecutive year. Due to the strong importance of the women segment which is playing a key role in our socioeconomic development, we have decided to leverage our partnership with the How Women Work community and become a strategic partner of this inspiring endeavor."

"Our IBQ Ladies Banking products and services have been specifically designed to meet and cater to the individual demands of both working and non-working women. This step which we have taken to offer the most customized banking solutions to the ladies has been strongly applauded nationwide highlighting our solid commitment to help grow their vital role in the society." Added Ghandour.

The HWW Community aims to empower women to grow and succeed. To that end, HWW hosts a variety of events throughout the year that include workshops, coaching and Mastermind sessions. The main event of the year is the annual How Women Work Conference, a popular professional development event for the women of Doha that takes place every year in early March.

The conference has a unique interactive and localized format that is built on the principle that "every woman has a voice"; breakout sessions with small numbers of participants, 90-second pitches, advisory and one-to-one coaching sessions all give opportunity to make these voices heard. 

The localized format ensures that participants get information that is relevant to them in their specific context. All the speakers at HWW are highly accomplished professionals, who have lived and worked in Doha and understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise here.

Throughout the year, the community interacts on the various social media forums that HWW has created, in the monthly workshops that are offered in collaboration with QPWN and VCU Qatar and through various coaching and Mastermind offers. 

"There is always something valuable and relevant going on in the How Women Work Community, which is why I enjoy being part of it so much. I particularly appreciate that there are no barriers in this community, Qataris and expatriates, high-powered business women and mid-level employees, speakers and delegates all interact and exchange as equals." says Moira Stuart, a How Women Work enthusiast.

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