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Hikma Pharmaceuticals signs with INJAZ to participate INJAZ Young Volunteers Day

Hikma Pharmaceuticals, represented by Ms. Hana Ramadan, VP of Corporate Communications, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with INJAZ, represented by Mr. Fawaz Salah, the Director of the Inspirational and Career Guidance Programme, to support 'Young Volunteers Day' programme, organized by INJAZ,  as part of Hikma's Global Volunteering Campaign.

This partnership spurs from their belief in their mutual mission to inspire and prepare young Jordanians to become productive members of the society and succeed in a global economy through volunteerism.

The MOU actualizes Hikma's role in Corporate Responsibility by supporting and raising the awareness about volunteerism in Jordan, by adopting 16 schools in 'Young Volunteers Day' Programme located in Salt, Mahes, Sahab, Al Jowaideh, Bayader Wadi ElSeer, Khalda, Jubeiha, and Sweifieh. 

Hikma Pharmaceuticals will also provide the programme with qualified volunteers from their employees who are participating in the Hikma annual volunteering campaign. 

On this occasion, Mr. Fawaz Salah, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for Hikma's distinctive support in INJAZ's various programmes: "We are thrilled with our partnership with Hikma Pharmaceuticals as we both share mutual vision in this programme giving the utmost benefit to schools' students. Young Volunteers Day aims at raising awareness among schools' students about volunteerism, and the importance of giving back to the community and social responsibility, reinforcing the spirit of community service in their personalities and beliefs."

From her side, Ms. Hana Ramadan, stated, "Our partnership with INJAZ came in parallel with Hikma's annual global volunteering campaign that was launched six years ago, in an attempt to encourage our employees to participate and get involved in community service and constructive social programmes. We are glad with this partnership, where we seek together to enhance the volunteerism and the spirit of teamwork, leading to a generation that is more conscious of social responsibility."

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