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GROHE optimizes Sustainable Water Resource Management during fourth edition of 'Build it Green'

GROHE, a world renown single-brand manufacturer in the sanitary fittings industry, continued to show its concern for, and commitment to the natural world by participating in e-ECOSolutions' 'Build It Green Lebanon' Sustainability Solutions Conference for the fourth consecutive year.

The conference was held from the 26th to the 27th of March 2013, at the Monroe Hotel in Beirut, under the patronage of the Municipality of Beirut, Lebanon.

All GROHE products are characterised by a flawless equilibrium of quality, design, technology, and durability. 

These four pillars make up GROHE's product philosophy, which forms the basis of their globally recognised high long-term value. 

Their water-saving products, such as taps and shower faucets, reduce negative environmental impacts by improving long term effective performances that work towards a cleaner environment.

Ecology and Economy in the Project's Business
GROHE facilitates eco-friendly lifestyles around the world by their long term commitment to strict environmental principles. This leading player of sanitary fittings has made it its mission to support consumers that take social responsibility for the environment's state, and less water usage. By promoting the construction of green buildings with the instalments of GROHE's WaterCare products, consumers reduce their water usage and energy consumption, which in turn leads to a smaller carbon footprint. Comfort and enjoyment is not compromised in the process. 

GROHE WaterCare makes use of water-saving technologies that are built into all of the products. By integrating such avant-garde technology, GROHE's products save 30% more water. By adopting such craftsmanship, GROHE takes the highest green performance measures. The WaterCare community supports the consumer's desire for a maintainable, ecological lifestyle with first class material's incorporated in the products, whereby water saving is made easy.

Products for a Water-Efficient All-In Solution
Sustainability is an important success factor for GROHE, especially in the international project's business. In particular, products featuring the resource-efficient GROHE EcoJoy technology meet the requirements of national building energy efficiency labels. Single-lever mixers equipped with GROHE EcoJoy guarantee a maximum flow rate of 5.8 litres per minute irrespective of pressure fluctuations. Faucets for the kitchen sink are also available as GROHE EcoJoy variants. 

For the bathroom, there are showers with integrated saving technology and models equipped with an 'EcoButton', which gives users fingertip control of their water consumption. GROHE thermostats also feature an EcoButton, which reduces the flow rate by up to 50%. Flushing systems for the toilet are available with a start/stop button or with a two-volume flush, which allow the user to choose the amount of water they want to use. Touch-free or self-closing faucets are especially recommendable for public and commercial restrooms. 

Another special product is 'GROHE Blue', a kitchen system which delivers chilled and filtered still, medium or sparkling water direct from the tap. This highly convenient solution means consumers no longer have to carry home heavy packs of water bottles. 

It also means: no complex production and bottle filling of mineral water, no fuel-intensive trucking to retail stores and fewer shopping trips by car. Comfort and user friendliness, enjoyment and good taste go hand in hand with the sustainability aspect of this product. 

What is more, GROHE has reduced the packaging volume of its products by about 50%, which means that fewer pallets need to be transported by truck, which, in turn, means reduced carbon emissions.

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