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The Savola Group, represented by Faten A. Al-Yafi, senior executive director of CSR and PR at The Savola Group, was named one of the nine global winners — and one of only three winners from the MENA region — of the hotly contested CSR Global Challenge initiated by the San Francisco based Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE).

The Global Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Challenge was created by CSE in order to recognize the progress that Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioners are making in leading their organizations to a more Sustainable Future.

Abdulraouf Mannaa, managing director of The Savola Group, said: “We are delighted to have been selected as one of the winners for The Global Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Challenge, affirming that The Savola Group’s CSR programs are in accordance with international best practice and meet the demanding criteria of global sustainability.”

Nikos Avlonas, CEO of the Center of Sustainability and Excellence, said: “Being recognized as an Awarded Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner is a great personal recognition for the contribution of each entrant and the 2012 winners have emerged as pioneers among their peers and other sustainability practitioners.”

Faten Al-Yafi added: “The Savola Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is at world class level and I accept this award on behalf of all my colleagues who are as devoted as I am to caring for the community and ensuring that our CSR programs are sustainable over the long term for the ongoing welfare of the beneficiaries.”

Selected according to three regions; Europe, MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and North America (US and Canada), the CSE identified three Sustainability professionals from each of region as going the extra mile to implement Sustainability programs.

The Savola Group CSR initiative submitted by for entry in the CSE Global Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Challenge is the Makeen CSR program, which is dedicated to developing the skills of people with special needs, paving their way to enter the nation’s workforce.

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