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Gargash Enterprises to use biodiesel for internal fleet of 11 commercial vehicles

Gargash Enterprises has pledged support to HH Shaikh Mohammed's 'UAE Strategy for Green Development' campaign with the introduction of the first new commercial vehicle in the UAE running on biodiesel to reduce carbon emissions. It will serve as a shuttle bus service, transporting service customers from the Gargash Enterprises workshop in Al Qouz to various locations across Dubai.

Following the introduction of the Vito Shuttle Bus, Gargash Enterprises has plans to adapt its internal fleet of 11 commercial vehicles to biodiesel within the next few weeks, which primarily consist of staff transportation crew buses and recovery trucks.

"Going Green is a collective effort and responsibility and with His Highness propelling the cause we at Gargash Enterprises are very confident and pleased about being a part of this critical campaign. We are working towards reducing carbon footprints and conserving natural resources while encouraging and inculcating the same values in our employees too. Gargash Enterprises is proud to be following our leader's footsteps and will continue to pledge our support to this drive,"
said Mr. Abdul Jabbar Gargash, Executive Director, Gargash Enterprises. 

Biodiesel is a clean burning, sustainable alternative fuel produced from domestic renewable resources. The biodiesel Gargash Enterprises will be using is converted in Dubai from local used cooking oil which would otherwise be a waste product. Diesel engines do not need to be adapted. The transition from fossil diesel to biodiesel is painless. 

A dedicated focus on reducing carbon leads to reducing operating costs and improvements in the efficiency of asset utilisation. These benefits can have a significant positive effect on the bottom line. In making this transition to biodiesel for its internal fleet, Gargash Enterprises will maintain its commercial viability while becoming increasingly environmentally viable. 

In addition to being tightly aligned with the ethical, environmental and economic values which form the core of corporate sustainability strategies, biodiesel has a great many advantages over fossil fuels. 

Extended Engine Life
Enhanced lubricity

Biodiesel has excellent lubricating properties which help prevent premature engine wear and failure. The use of fuel with low lubricity increases the rates of wear due to metal-to-metal contact in these components, whereas high lubricity biodiesel reduces wear and thus prolongs engine life.

Engine cleaning

Biodiesel acts as a cleaning detergent in fuel systems, removing sludge deposits over time, thus improving efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

Reduced Emissions

Reduced smog-forming potential
The ozone forming potential of biodiesel combustion is approximately 50% less than that of fossil diesel (US Environmental Protection Agency). In cities where smog is a growing problem, this characteristic is directly beneficial.

Elimination of sulfur emissions

Compared to fossil diesel, biodiesel exhaust emissions of sulfur oxides and sulfates are virtually non-existent. These compounds are principal contributors to the formation of acid rain.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The "well-to-wheel" lifecycle analysis of used cooking oil-to-biodiesel typically shows that the amount of CO2 (and equivalents) emitted is reduced by nearly 80% compared to fossil diesel. The rollout of biodiesel thus represents a significant opportunity to reduce transport carbon footprints. 

Other pollutants reduced

Biodiesel use has been found to substantially reduce levels of unburnt hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and soot (particulates) in exhaust emissions. 

High flashpoint (160oC)

Biodiesel has a higher flashpoint than fossil diesel and is thus safer to store and poses less of a fire risk in the event of accidents. 

Completely non-toxic

Biodiesel is non-toxic so exposure to it poses very little risk to staff and the environment.

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