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Dubai Taxi, Al Futtaim Motors donate proceeds of hybrid cabs to charity organizations

In the context of the joint cooperation between the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and its strategic partners, and pursuant to the agreement made between the DTC and Al Futtaim Motors in 2008 regarding a pilot operation of 10 hybrid taxicabs over a period of three years, the two parties agreed to donate revenues realized from the operation of these cabs to a number of charity organizations.

Yousef Al Ali, CEO of the Dubai Taxi Corporation, said: "This step is part of the charitable and human activities undertaken by the DTC in the context of its corporate social responsibility to which it assigns considerable attention as it constitutes part & parcel of DTC's corporate values in terms of fostering the culture of charitable and philanthropic activities, and enhancing DTC's role in serving the community."

"The total profits realized by the said vehicles amounted to Dhs622,184, and DTC distributed these funds during the holy month of Ramadan, in the presence of representatives of Al Futtaim Motors as well as the concerned entities, as follows: DTC Solidarity (Takaful) Fund (Dhs311,092), Dubai Autism Center (Dhs155,546), and the General Department of Correctional and Punitive Institutions at Dubai Police (Dhs155,546)," explained Al Ali. 

"The lion share of these funds has been allocated to DTC drivers' Solidarity Fund; which is a non-profit humanitarian solidarity initiative launched by the DTC for the sake of supporting cabdrivers in the event of facing personal & family problems. The Fund offers a non-interest bearing loan (Qard Hasan) amounting to Dhs5,000 maximum, compensation for death during service amounting to 12,000 dirham maximum, service termination on medical grounds amounting to Dhs5,000 maximum, and medical treatment for which Dhs1,000 is offered, in addition to other matters to be judged by the Committee, and endorsed by the CEO. The cabdriver has to submit an application form to Drivers Services Section to avail the services of this Fund," he continued.

In this context, Mr. Alan Carpenter, General Manager of Fleet Development at Al Futtaim Motors said, "We, at Al Futtaim Motors, are pleased to engage in partnership with Dubai Taxi Corporation to share the profits generated from the pilot hybrid vehicles project with these two entities which have a prominent role in the Dubai community. The Dubai Autism Center educates autistic children, offers relevant information to their families, and fosters further research & studies on autism, which is quite important. The role of correctional and punitive institutions is equally important in a civilized society as such, though differs in terms of targeted groups, as the idea of diverting profits of hybrid vehicles project run by both the DTC and Al Futtaim Motors to the community is very much part of the initiatives we launch in the context of our social responsibility. We are confident that both parties will allocate these funds to recipients worthy of our support, and look forward to finding other ways and means to support their future projects," he added. 

The Deputy Director of General Department of Punitive & Correctional Institutions in Dubai Police, Brigadier Omar Al Attar, thanked the DTC and Al-Futtaim Motors for this good gesture as it "Contributes to redressing attitudes of a number of inmates in punitive and correctional institutions as well as releasing and assisting them. Inmates are viewed as misguided individuals who committed acts punishable by law and are therefore subjected to punitive measures, not out of revenge but with the aim of realizing a specific objective of mending & correcting their conducts. This warrants providing inmates with appropriate humane conditions such that they will have the opportunity to be back on the right track. This approach is derived from the Dubai Police strategy that has been practically translated into the formation of the Humanitarian Services Committee at the Department in manifestation of the social and humanitarian solidarity preposition, and fulfillment of the international standards of according humane welfare to inmates," added Al Attar.

On the other hand, Mohammed Al Amadi, Director General and Board Member of Dubai Autism Center, said, "It gives me great pleasure to witness such cooperation between the two leading institutions to help the cause of autism. We do appreciate the continued support of the two entities as there is a dire need to develop specialized programs for these autistic children and better educate their parents on this syndrome."

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