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Dr. Sherif Tehemar present Responsible Supply Chain Management in the healthcare service sector in the second CSR forum

Dr. Sherif Tehemar, the CSR committee chairman of Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital presented on Wednesday 29th of June the experience of DSFH in embedding CSR in supply chain management in the healthcare service sector in the second CSR forum held in Jeddah. Dr. Tehemar discussed in his presentation the challenges of applying responsible supply chain management in hospital and described the process that was conducted by Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital in implmeneting ths initiative.Dr. Tehemar's presentation was attened by more than 600 participants and described the detailed steps on how to do RSCM in hospital and how to prioritize suppliers based on their CSR practices. It is worth mentioning that DSFH has published 2 CSR (C and B+) reports based on GRI (G3) and was acknoweldged by SAGIA for three consecutive years. The third report (A+)  is due for launching very soon.

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