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Dallah Academy offers free courses on social responsibilities

The Dallah Academy of Volunteerism are offering free courses on self-development, understandings of social responsibilities, the importance of volunteerism and principles of volunteerism for the public all year round.
The academy opened their doors over one year ago to offer free training and courses on volunteerism and different programs for the public and youth regardless of age and nationality.
Afnan Faisal Assiri, training and program coordinator at the academy, said: “However, for the summer vacation we prepared specific courses for youth.
“We started two courses, one on the principles and skills of positive volunteerism and mind-mapping.” 
She said the main aim of the courses are to give young people a better understanding on how to use their brains for self-development and development of the country and nation.
She added: “At the moment we had enrolled 150 students for the two programs at the academy, but since the courses include too many workshops, we divided them into groups.
“These courses are not so lengthy that students will become bored.”
These courses are taking place twice a month for men and women.
However, the academy has planned many other programs and courses for volunteers during the summer, said Assiri.
Dallah Academy was established in 2011 after a flooding disaster in Jeddah with the aim of providing proper training to youths about volunteerism, its importance, how to provide support as volunteers and provide the skills and a location where they could gather.
Majed Al-Mezayen, the academy’s training and program supervisor, said: “There was no other institute and place for volunteers to learn how to help others and about volunteerism, so Sheikh Saleh Kamel, chairman of the Dallah group of companies, opened this free academy.
“Volunteerism is an important issue for any country, and the most important objectives of the Dallah Academy is to provide young people with skills that enable them to carry out voluntary work through the establishment of courses, seminars and lectures on the field of volunteerism, social responsibility, skills to present a positive image in society and how to work as a team.” 
He added they want to help public in developing the principles and skills of volunteerism and creating a culture of volunteering in the country.
Hifaa Adel Badawi, a student of one of the training programs, said she was happy she joined the academy.
She said she already attended several courses and programs at the academy and was satisfied with all of them.
She said: “Since I joined this academy I have changed completely, as before I was not that active in taking care of others.
“But now I am proud with myself, because I am helping others.
“This training program on the principles of volunteerism helped us in understanding that volunteering is not only about helping needy people but also helping the country and nation.
“It also helped me in overcoming my nervousness and making me more confident, responsible and independent.”
Another student of the academy, Wejdan Hamzah Zawari, said mind-mapping techniques helped her understand how her mind works, helped her in her self-development and boosted her personality.
She added: “This is the first time I joined the academy but I can say I made the right decision because I learned a lot.
“This course helped me in my education as I am a student at university and joined this course for the summer vacation.”
The courses run from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and there are also plans to hold morning classes for the summer vacation.

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