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Bab Rizq Jameel Turkey (BRJ Turkey) successfully created its first 1,000 job opportunities last month in Istanbul.

An initiative of ALJ Community Initiatives (ALJCI), BRJ Turkey only opened at the end of last year.

It has been creating job opportunities since then through diversified programs, including direct employment, vocational training ending with employment and entrepreneurship training.

Lately, BRJ Turkey launched the productive household initiative through its microfinance program.

Since opening, approximately 5,000 jobseekers have applied to BRJ Turkey, and 1,055 of them have benefited.

They include 685 job seekers who were directly employed in companies, 104 job seekers who have received vocational training and then employed by several companies, while 266 job seekers joined the entrepreneurship training program (small projects) and started their own businesses.

President of ALJCI Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel visited the BRJ Istanbul branch and helped deliver a number of job opportunities to beneficiaries.

In addition, he reviewed the 2012 action plan, which is targeting the creation of 7,000 job opportunities by opening three branches in Turkey.

Fatih Ghul, ALJCI director in Turkey, said BRJ Turkey specialized in creating job opportunities through diversified programs and is communicating with job seekers, entrepreneurs and employers through their websites (www.brjkariyer.com and www.brj.com.tr) as well as the bilingual BRJ blog that provides information to the public about Bab Rizq Jameel and the opportunities it creates.

Tens of thousands of people have visited BRJ websites and its page on Facebook, which has 13,000 followers.

Through its Facebook and Twitter pages, BRJ advertises new job opportunities and sends messages to job seekers in Turkey.

BRJ Turkey is protecting the environment through its paperless operation initiative and has launched the “Online Job Creation Assistant” scheme for the first time in Turkey.

Ghul added that this website is BRJ’s employment gate in Turkey, where job seekers find support and help to format their CVs and improve their chances to find a job.

Important services provided by BRJ include microfinance for productive households and small bazaars for women entrepreneurs, where they can market and sell their products.

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