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Bridgestone's second GCC tyre safety and eco campaign stops for the first time in Bahrain

The Bridgestone 'Tyre Safety and Eco Station' (TSES) campaign, which is touring the GCC with its second annual roadshow, will stop in Manama this week. From Thursday 19th April until Saturday 21st April, the fun and educational campaign, which is aimed at making the region's roads safer for everyone, will be held in the Galleria at Bahrain City Centre.

The campaign, developed by Bridgestone Middle East & Africa FZE as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, was launched in 2011 and kicked off its second GCC wide tour last March in Doha, Qatar. With the support of its trusted local distributor AJM KOOHEJI GROUP B.S.C. (C), Bridgestone wants drivers to understand the key role of tyres for keeping a vehicle safe on the road, and that taking a few minutes to check the car's tyres before driving can significantly reduce the risk of having an accident.

"Car's tyres play a significant role in the safety of the car and its passengers, and Bridgestone is committed to making people more aware of this" said Mr. Takumi Kakara, Marketing Director of Bridgestone Middle East & Africa. "Lot of traffic accidents - which are unfortunately numerous in this part of the world - could be avoided by simply applying some safety measures, such as regular tyre checking and proper maintenance. At the Tyre Safety and Eco Station, drivers will learn how to how to properly check tyre air pressure, tread wear, and detect any signs of damage. I encourage people to pass by, they'll find out how easy it is to keep their families and friends safe when they drive, and also save money by reducing fuel consumption".

The stand has a special demonstration corner where Bridgestone staff will teach visitors effortless steps to enhance safety while driving on roads; drivers will practice how to check the proper tyre air pressure and tread wear to avoid the dangers of driving with underinflated or overinflated and worn-out or damaged tyres. 

The TSES station has also a section especially dedicated to kids, where they can have fun with drawing activities and face painting, while their parents are learning about tyre safety. 

All people visiting the stand and partaking in activities will also receive a complimentary Tyre Safety booklet and a Bridgestone Tyre Safety compact gauge which measures air pressure and tread depth.

As well as pointing out the safety benefits of proper tyre checks and maintenance, the campaign also emphasizes the positive environmental impact of maintaining correct tyre pressure. Driving a vehicle on properly inflated tyres helps to reduce the rolling resistance of the vehicle, which aids in reducing fuel consumption hence minimizing motorists' expenses. 

The campaign which landed in Oman earlier this month, will continue and tour the other GCC states over the next few months, moving next to Kuwait in June.

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