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Aramex releases First Carbon Footprint Report

Aramex, the global logistics and transportation solutions provider, released today its first Carbon Footprint Report, in line with its long-term strategy to environmental sustainability

The report for 2010, which has been developed using the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol calculates, measures and presents Aramex’s global greenhouse gas emissions. The data, which has been independently audited and assured, will be adopted as the baseline for setting targets and assessing the company’s progress in reducing carbon emissions in the future, which will be disclosed in annual reports.

“This is another strategic step towards reiterating our commitment to the communities we operate in, and minimizing our impact on the environment. Our first carbon footprint report opens the door for regional corporations to follow suite, and facilitate transparent dialogue concerning corporate sustainable business practices, performance and commitments”, said Fadi Ghandour, Founder and CEO of Aramex.

The report identified key areas where Aramex has been successful in reducing its emissions, including the reduction of fuel consumption by 24 percent since 2006, and the saving of 72 tons of paper through the automation of internal processes, enforcement of printing restrictions, and increased utilization of Aramex’s intranet forum for internal communications.

Commenting on the significance of the report, Raji Hattar, Chief Sustainability and Compliance Officer, Aramex said “In this report, we are announcing our commitment to the environment and holding ourselves accountable to our stakeholders for those commitments. We will aim to make significant progress in minimizing our impact on the environment by introducing environmentally friendly services, adopting sustainable business practices and increasing carbon efficiency in our operations, with the aim of delivering our services with the least amount of impact on the environment”. 

Aramex has been a regional leader in sustainability, and has set the regional example with the release of the first sustainability report in the Middle East & North Africa Region in September 2006, and the region’s first integrated annual report, combining the company’s consolidated financial results with an evaluation of its progress on economic, social and environmental commitments, in April 2011. 

The Carbon Footprint Report can be downloaded and viewed here

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