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Applikable Technologies to issue a corporate responsibility policy in the Arab World

Applikable Technologies LLC, a Jordan-based and a regional-operating software development enterprise has issued its Corporate Responsibility (CR) policy on May 20th and only 2 months after its establishment making it the youngest enterprise to issue such policy in the Arab world.

Since the evolution of the CR practice in past decade, there have been several global debates on whether the micro and small enterprises are capable of developing successful CR practices. The pessimistic views argue that such enterprises are not yet able to take on such commitment due to their lack of resources, mainly financial ones, and even worse; they don't have the necessary skillset to properly manage such complex business approach.

On the other hand, optimistic views see a great potential among the micro and small enterprise segment as such enterprises have the opportunity to integrate responsible values into the business at the early stages of foundation. Furthermore, this would enable those enterprises to attract investments and build a stronger foundation for their businesses to grow and be sustainable.

On his end, Mr. Mohammad-Rafi' Zabian, the Managing Director at Applikable Technologies LLC stated that "Being a responsible business comes from our sense of responsibility as individuals, it reflects who we are as people before it expresses what our business stands for. As an enterprise - be it big or small - we have to keep in mind that we are not separate from our surrounding environment; as much as we envision our business to grow, we need to understand how our surroundings would allow us to do so.

Our policy will be our guideline to ensure effective CR practice and will be a constant reminder to what we stand for as we grow and create the positive influence we are aiming at"

Applikable's CR policy featured detailed commitments that enterprise is looking into achieving throughout its day-to-day operations; focusing on workplace, marketplace, environmental and societal responsibilities.

Mr. Zaid Al Bitar, the Head of Business Strategy at Applikable Technologies LLC stated that "Though the concepts of CR and sustainability may seem like a lot of risk for a business to take, however such risk is what would set our business apart from others. We are a business that aspires to be the first choice partner for IT development in the region, and in order to reach such positioning among our different stakeholder groups, we would need to be committed towards putting their interests and concerns in-line with ours, as partners, otherwise we would be set to fail."

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