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ALJ Community Initiatives wins Social Responsibility Award

ALJ Community Initiatives (ALJCI) has won the award of the 1st Business Sector Social Responsibility Forum Toward Young Men and Women in the Kingdom.

ALJCI has been given the "Sanabel Al Atta" CSR Award for the business sector, in recognition of its unique initiatives and programs launched in the Arab world, and especially in Saudi Arabia, to create job opportunities. The award was presented to ALJCI during the Corporate Social Responsibility Towards Youth, which was held last week at King Fahd Coastal City in Jeddah, in the presence of event sponsor Prince Nawaf bin Faisal bin Fahd, head of the Presidency of Youth Welfare, and experts from economic, social, sports and corporate social responsibility fields.

ALJCI is a private sector program that provides specialized community services motivated by its sense of belonging to this country. In 2003, ALJCI established a dedicated department under the name Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ) to contribute to the community development, create untraditional solutions for unemployment, alleviate poverty and support the community.

Ibrahim M. Badawood, ALJCI executive director, thanked the sponsor of the event, Prince Nawaf bin Faisal bin Fahd for this honor, as well as the organizing committee. Badawood added: "This recognition is the fruit of the hard work and dedication of our beneficiaries and staff. ALJCI is continuously developing and progressing to serve a wider category of the Saudi citizens in particular, and the people in the Arab world in general. Since its inception at the end of 2002, and to the end of March 2012, diversified programs of BRJ have created more than 221,247 job opportunities."

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