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Alfa makes donations to Lebanese Autism Society SOS Children's Villages Lebanon and Sesobel

On the occasion of handing the donations to the three associations, a roundtable organized by Alfa brought together Alfa Chairman and CEO, Engineer Marwan Hayek, and people in charge at these associations, namely: Mrs. Afifa Arsanios, President of SOS Children's Villages, Mrs. Fadia Safi, President and General Director of Sesobel, and Mrs.

Arwa Halawi, President of the Lebanese Autism Society. The roundtable saw the discussion of the current situation of these associations and of ways to further reinforce the mutual cooperation between them and Alfa, which has been going on for the past seven years.

Hayek declared: "Our initiatives in the area of CSR through the Alfa-4-Life program are our utmost source of happiness at Alfa". Then turning to the associations, he added: "We are and will always be standing by your side; we will work to draw plans for the development of our joint cooperation and to increase the financial and moral support we are offering you and to all the associations with whom we work within our social responsibility program, especially since the task to which you have devoted yourself in helping children with special needs is a source of inspiration for us and for every single person in the society".

Hayek pointed out to the importance of the contribution of Alfa subscribers to the fundraising campaigns and their continuous support to all Alfa initiatives in the area of CSR, hoping that "this financial assistance will contribute in strengthening the capacity of the associations and support the sustainability of the noble mission they are carrying out."

It is worth mentioning that the "Alfa-4- Life" CSR program has been since its inception in 2006 supporting a number of non-governmental organizations through launching innovative initiatives that serve as a "treatment through art and communication" aiming at developing the talents of children with special needs and helping them communicate with others and to integrate in the community.

After each initiative, Alfa launches and sponsors a subscriber fund-raising campaign by inviting its customers to send a SMS to the short code 1004 for the benefit of these associations.

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