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Al Bustan Centre and Residence organises health awareness programme for employees

Al Bustan Centre and Residence, the popular hotel apartment among visiting tourists and businessmen in the heart of Dubai, recently carried out a health awareness programme for their staff though a presentation and check-up by medical experts from Zulekha Hospital.

The programme aims to educate all employees about the significant factors which affect the human body such as the levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. These require medical attention as the inability to monitor the aforementioned factors can eventually lead to ill health, loss of productivity and poor attendance.

During the presentation, Dr. Hanan Kami, MBBS, MD - Neuropsychiatry and Special Psychiatrist of Zulekha Hospital talked about the usual addictions which are common to individuals who are living alone and away from their families. 

Some of the addictions mentioned are drugs, smoking, alcohol, sex, shopping, watching television, money and power. 

Dr. Kami explained the importance of avoiding these addictions which can contribute to long-term health conditions and diseases related to blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level. The addictions, conditions and diseases can further result in low esteem and depression among individuals. 

Moussa El Hayek, COO Al Bustan Centre and Residence, said: "Negligence and lack of awareness put many people into life threatening problems. Therefore, regular check-ups are helpful to find out the health issues at early stages. This is one of the reasons why hold health awareness programs to create awareness about the importance of improving health and keeping a healthy lifestyle."

The presentation also cited ways on how to overcome the addictions and live a healthy lifestyle. Dr Kami put emphasis on the importance of healthy mind and body in increasing the level of happiness thus contributing to the overall well-being of the individual and the society in general. 

The health awareness program with presentation and medical check-ups was part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of the Zulekha Hospital. 

The program provided helpful information and reinforced to the hotel staff of Al Bustan Centre and Residence to make better options in leading a healthy and happy life.

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