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Al Ahli Holding Group launches 'CSR in Action'

UAE-based Al Ahli Holding Group's Corporate Social Responsibility division and in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State's Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), Knowledge Horizon, Stanton Chase International and entourage, launched its new initiative, "CSR in Action".

The CSR in Action initiative will endeavour to develop and enhance the practice and awareness of CSR activities among practitioners in the UAE and simultaneously augment student conceptual understanding. Through capacity building mechanisms, the project aims at engaging the Private Sector, Academia, and Government entities in formulating strategies that are more responsive to community needs.

Speaking about this initiative and the partnerships, Mr. Mohamed Khammas, CEO of Al Ahli Group said, "The concept of CSR is well established in many parts of the world, however, it is arguably very much in an embryonic stage in the region. Therefore, it's important that we join hands with Governments, NGOs and the different educational and training institutions to focus on CSR education in the country, and try to find a common ground for the different CSR approaches driven by each sector."

The 10 days programme will bring together 25 participants (15 CSR practitioners and 10 students). It takes place during business working hours and will be held in two stages: The first stage is a seven days workshop where participants will receive training related to the underlying principles of CSR, While the second stage will be a three day interactive training programme in which participants will be divided into teams and given the task of designing and implementing micro CSR projects.

And about their vision behind this initiative, Mr. Nathan Carter, Director of the Gulf Regional Office for the Middle East Partnership Initiative said, "MEPI is excited to be working with Al Ahli to bring together established Corporate Social Responsibility practitioners and Emirati students to train the next generation of CSR leaders and to develop innovative and new CSR initiatives." 

The workshop training will also include a Business Breakfast held by Stanton Chase International, featuring a world-renowned guest speaker and bringing together leading senior executives from the public and the private sector.

Once the training is completed, the teams will present their projects to a judging panel and the winning team will be acknowledged during a prestigious awards ceremony attended by VIP's, government representatives, UN officials, students and various other key players in the CSR sphere.

It is worth noting that Al Ahli Holding Group also works on a number of initiatives via its own Corporate Social Responsibility division focusing on the development, support and empowerment of Arab youth and on the dissemination of thought leadership in the region through different internship and fellowship programs.

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