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AIESEC Oman Releases CSR Manual at Forum

The Omani chapter of the international youth-run organisation AIESEC, held its third Youth to Business Forum at Muscat College on Tuesday. The event, which brought together over 100 students and community corporate representatives, encouraged a dialogue on social responsibility and marked the launch of AIESEC's new corporate social responsibility (CSR) guide.

“With the release of the CSR manual, AIESEC comes full circle on a two-year project about sustainability run with the support of Middle East Partnership Initiative and the National Bank of Oman,” said Johnjoseph Ryan, senior sustainability advisor and master of

ceremonies for the event.

“The project stands out as being entirely student-run, devoted to sustainability and is itself sustainable through the involvement of Oman’s future generations.”

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we only borrow it from our children,” said Aisha Kharusi, head of CSR and corporate communications, NBO and an AIESEC advisory board member. “We must continue to create responsible citizens and from what I see today, there is an ever-increasing interest and willingness by young generations to take action in order to ensure a sustainable future for Oman.” AIESEC in Oman has existed since 2007 and has sent numerous young Omanis on sustainability themed internships abroad. 

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