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“Treasury Square” in the heart of the city was transformed by Agility Logistics into the world class look, comprising of the finish gate, bike transition 1 and 2 all manned by technical officials and time keepers.

The event was a stunning success with well over 120 athletes taking part.

Among them was Mr Suleiman Shaabal as the Guest of Honor and also an athlete.

This is rare to see in our leaders. Suleiman Shaabal is vying for the post of Governor.

Agility Logistics was established in Kuwait in 1979 and by 2004 grew to be the largest logistics provider in the Middle East.

The company pursued an aggressive merger strategy from 2004-2008, acquiring many global brands, some with a history dating back to the 1800s.

All acquired firms were unified into a seamless global network under the Agility brand name in 2006.

Agility Logistics has co-sponsored the world famous “Watamu Triathlon” at Turtle Bay Beach Club since it started and moved on to be the “GOLD” sponsor in this years edition to be held on April 21st and 22nd.

When asked about the Mombasa Triathlon Organization Trust (MTOT) series: Mr. Marlon De Zilva, Project Manager of Agility Logistics East Africa replied: “We are happy to see such a program running in this part of the world.

“We know how hard it could be and that is why Agility Logistics has decided to come on board to also make this MTOT series possible.

“We will be partnering with MTOT directly and indirectly to complete the series throughout 2012.

“I have heard of the vision of MTOT and we would be happy to travel that journey with others in the corporate sector as well to realize it.

“The series has brought in anxiety amongst the athletes, parents and coaches.

“This is good for the sport as it gives a guideline for these young sports lovers to follow.

We are working towards getting support for the annual prizes too.

“I urge all of us to join hands to make this program the best in Kenya. It is a tough sport but a very interesting one too with many sports taking place at one time.

“In partnering with MTOT we are all celebrating what Kenya can be, rather than wish for a better country, we are laying the foundation for that better country.”

“I understand the Coast Province has the highest usage of drugs in Kenya.

“The temptation to abuse drugs among the youth is greatest in the absence of leisure activities.

“The youth posses excess energy, which I call potent force, that when let loose can cause mayhem but when harnessed and properly channeled, will unleash a positive power.

“Agility is in the frontline to show its “corporate social responsibility” by supporting this program”, remarked Mr. De Zilva.

“Mr. De Zilva, has brought Agility into MTOT having seen the potential our group has.

“Special thanks to Mr. Dev Bij, CEO, Agility Logistics East Africa through Mr. Marlon De Zilva for the wonderful support given.”

The free snacks and iced water/drinks served right through the day was so refreshing to the athletes and their supporters.

Agility has made this and future event so affordable by giving full support in the tune of more than Ksh 250,000 into this program.

Results: In the 6 years boys, Hamza Tung took 1st place, Ibrahim Katar was 2nd while Mauro Stolk was 3rd. In the 6 and under girls, Lynette Njeri was1st place and Tahzeeb Khan was 2nd place.

In the 8 years girls, Jossete Njeri was 1st while Beatrice was 2nd and Salwa Hamza was 3rd.

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