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3rd Annual OHS Forum 2012 be held between 7 - 9 May in Kuwait

Under the esteemed patronage of Ministry of Health Kuwait, The 3rd Annual OHS Forum 2012, a prestigious occupational health and safety conference and workshop program, will be held between 7 - 9 May at The Palms Beach Hotel and Spa, Kuwait. The forum is designed to explore the most significant challenges, developments and policies pertaining to occupational safety and making the workplace a healthy and illness free environment.

Supported by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, UK and The GCC Health Ministers Council, the forum is accredited by the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization, Ministry of Health, Kuwait where attending delegates can earn 15 CME/CPD credits.

The success of a company lies in a healthy and motivated human resource. Maintaining safe and healthy workplaces is therefore as much in a companys' self-interest as is business strategy or energy efficiency. Efficient management of occupational health and safety is not only crucial from an ethical and Corporate Social Responsibility point of view but also from a financial perspective, as well as to meet the applicable regulatory guidelines. 

Understanding the importance of health and safety of workers, many companies emphasize that the health of workers is an essential prerequisite for productivity of business. A planned approach to hazard identification leads to a need to manage the hazard effectively. Otherwise, what is the point of identifying any risk if it is then ignored?

Speaking about the event, Dr. AbdelLatif Elmor, Advisor for Occupational Health and Safety with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation said, "This forum is the biggest in Kuwait, that addresses the various occupational health issues faced by Oil and Gas and other industries, in a comprehensive manner. I strongly recommend all Occupational Health and Safety professionals as well as senior management from petroleum companies to meet the distinguished experts and speakers from across the world coming together at this conference." Dr. Elmor is presenting a paper on "Health Promotion & the Occupational Health System" at the conference.

Dr. Sameer Al Haddad, Head of Occupational Health Group at Ministry of Health, Bahrain will speak on the subject of "Ergonomic Risk Factors and Ergonomic Risk Controls" at the conference, about which he stated, "This forum promotes the science and practice of addressing health hazards in the workplace as well as looking to the challenges, and seeking new strategies to create safer and healthier work environments."

During the three day summit, Occupational Health and Safety Experts from the leading conglomerates in Construction, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Power, Utilities and Aviation companies will share their insights and experiences on succesful practices being deployed. Presentations dealing with a variety of issues such as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), cultural diversity, attitudes, ergonomics and workplace environment considerations, are among those to be delivered.

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