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1,500 trees to be planted in UAE’s western region ports

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) has launched a community tree planting initiative across all ports in the Western Region.

The initiative began today at Mugharrag Port and aims to raise the community's environmental awareness along with educating students on the importance of trees to the UAE. More than 1,500 trees are planted in Mugharrag Port in the same day of the event.

The tree planting initiative is being led by ADPC's Ports Unit and involves a number of ADPC's community partners including Delma Fishermen's Club; and staff from Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA), the Western Region Municipality, TDIC, Department of Transport (DoT), Abu Dhabi Police, as well as school students from Al Ruwais School, and Western Region ports users.

Commenting on this occasion, Captain Mohamed Al Shamisi, Vice President Ports at ADPC, said "Last year, we launched a cleaning campaign for the Mugharrag Port in the Western Region, and today, we are launching this planting initiative in-line with UAE's planting week. These environmental campaigns and initiatives are all part of ADPC's commitment to providing the citizens of Abu Dhabi with a sustainable future."

Also commenting on leading the planting campaign in the Western Region ports, Captain Hazzaa Al Junaibi, Harbour Master for the Western Region at ADPC, said: "ADPC is committed to support and contribute to the fulfillment of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's vision to plant the lands across the UAE. Through this initiative, we hope that we were able to reach the community and increase awareness on the importance of planting trees to maintain a sustainable environment and a greener UAE. What distinguishes this campaign is that every tree will carry the name of the person who planted it."

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