CSR Middle East, CSR dedicated platform with 3.555 corporate members in the Middle East.

First, question which needs answer would be the reason-intent behind CSR for the company in the Middle East. Why company wants to launch a CSR department or who makes the decision. You will be able to see a clear route, once you clarify those two points.

  • What is the intent of your CSR initiative? – To do good, to save money, to do the right thing, to get out of a sticky situation, to add some more value to the name of company
  • What’s driving this initiatives? -  Cost savings, compliance, NGO pressure, supply chain demands (up or down stream), employee interest, natural disaster, legal issues, community issues?
  • Who is leading the charge? – you, your manager, the CEO, the board, a consultant, Farouq the delivery guy, Hussein in accounting?


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The intent of our organization taking the CSR initiative is to give back to the community, by (a) reducing the carbon footprint – incorporates recycling, using more efficient products (b) donating the reusable items to organizations that can use them.

Cost saving and optimizing resources will be an added advantage.

Now that the questions are answered, how do we take the first step? What actually is the right and efficient fist step?

At first i would like to thank you for coordinating such a network , which i think is very necessary these period in middle east ..

As I'm working in garment field , i think CSR is still have along way to go in order to gain managers trust , for many of corporations CSR is a headache which they have to deal with in order to satisfy the clients   

Thanks Muhammad. Hi Durdana,

You have listed some initiatives that you can start. Please also note that efficient CSR management shall touch to the stakeholders of the business. Such as environment, employees, community, government, etc. You have listed below initiatives that your organization would provide. 

a. reducing the carbon footprint – incorporates recycling, using more efficient products - Environment

b. donating the reusable items to organizations - Community

Now, it is time how to materialize those initiatives. Organizations shall structure working styles and rules for the operation in order to reach to their commitments. After structuring some working styles, you have to also share that with the members of the organization and tell them the reason and benefits in order to get them a member of the responsibility team.


very interesting topics..


It would be nice if you can talk about each question in details and examples!




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