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Tamkeen Concultancy
Released in 2009, the study was carried out over a 2 year period to assess how corporate perception has changed since Tamkeen’s first published study in 2007. Tamkeen selected 45 Saudi companies from the top corporate performers in the country including family owned, publicly listed, and privately owned companies. The study examined the growth of CSR as well as its impact on four different levels: whether CSR programs are aligned with national priorities, the internal business drivers, external business drivers, and the absence of assessment tools, which all leads to a less impactful CSR agenda. 
The study concluded that CSR is gaining a lot of momentum, as there are a growing number of companies adopting “CSR” in the Kingdom. However, the overall impact of the phenomenon was very superficial as the spread of “CSR” showed to be in width and not in depth. The study emphasized the need to link the CSR strategy setting with the national development priorities outlined in the Eighth Development Plan(1425/26 – 1429/30 AH 2005 – 2009 AD) issued by the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

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