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A very interesting article.It would be great if you share with us your opinion.

I predict that within the next few years, CSR will be a requirement for all organizations and will positively affect their bottom lines. Good business will be the norm.

Why CSR's Future Matters to your company?


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It is indeed a great article touching on the key components that truly create a sustainable competitive advantage such as employee engagement, building on consumer awareness and activism etc. However, in my opinion, it is still a shame that we have come to a time of capitalism were our humanity and what should really be intuitive behavior is now a taught behavior. Having said that, it is better late than never.

CSR of a company is key to its success. Just like no man is an island, no business can exist without its surrounding environment (i.e. its employees, customers, suppliers etc.). Therefore, taking them into consideration and integrating their needs with the core competencies, objectives and direction of an organization will inevitably create a win-win situation and long term success for all.

What do you think?

Thank you Mrs Maali for your comment. I totally agree with you.

CSR have to be in the Business core of every company and not a taught behavior. If companies start integrates in their plans, strategies and goals the CSR concept it will positively affect their bottom line.

Moreover, I think that CSR is a culture and a mentality that has to be developed in our society especially in the Arab region; it should start being a way of life for  stakeholders, NGOs, public sector and individual.

The consumer, the beneficiary, whether individual or resources became interested in the components of the product, goals achieved through the production process, from which the quality, price, continuity of the product, the impact of the product on the environment and the role of this project is to reduce unemployment and to give the opportunity for future generations in the process of growth.

So Mentality had been changed and CSR became in Europe main core of economic which supose to be changed in MENA within 1 or 2 years.


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