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Zain renews strategic partnership with Loyac

Zain,the telecommunication company in Kuwait, has reinitiated its ongoing project together with their longstanding partner Loyac. Loyac and Zain aim to develop the talent of the country's youth through various social initiatives.

The project which is facilitated by Loyac Private Training and Consulting Company W.L.L, aims to develop the youth potential, by honing their talents and by developing their skills for the benefit of the country's economy.

Mr Omar Alomar CEO from Zain explained, "This is one of the most important projects for the nation's youth who are be able to develop their talents by participating in various social programmes."

Sponsoring the programme for the ninth year consecutively demonstrates Zain's commitment to support the youth, who have the skills and creative abilities to contribute to the growth of society. The programme features the training of 50 students annually at Zain in addition to financial rewards given in recognition for their achievements.

Mr Alomar added further, "We believe in the synergy between our organization and the energies and unique skills of the nation's youth. We are confident that they can offer a lot to Kuwait in the future by being a firm contributor to the growth of our Human Resources. Loyac, the main initiator of the programme and a strategic partner to Zain, took students from several universities in Kuwait and invest in building their skills in the work field; adding a boost to their confidence by being more self-reliant. The programme has also provided them with the necessary skills and experience to join the work force in the future."

Mr Omar said, "This project is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme which we deem essential for achieving continued success in the community. Loyac and such programmes are pivotal for strengthening the relationship between the company and the community in which it operates. Being one of the largest companies in the region, this programme also demonstrates our commitment to providing a successful model for other private companies."

Zain showcases the establishment of a flexible model for various social programmes that further strengthen the bonds of communication and cooperation between individuals and society in all.

Mr Omar said, "We are a key partner of the Kuwaiti society and are an integral part of this community. We will further strengthen these ties through the launch of new programmes that will better serve our society."

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