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What Medtronic 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report talks about the Middle East?

Global medical technology company Medtronic, Inc. has released the company’s global 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report, “Contributing to a Healthier Future” at www.medtronic.com/2012citizenshipreport.

The report has been published at the end of the first year as Medtronic’s new CEO, Omar Ishrak. The report communicates the company’s priorities, goals and progress related to five citizenship pillars. The report does not bring the results by the regional categories, however we would see global achievements and are sure that those points have been applied for the middle eastern operation of Medtronic. 

Fiscal year 2012 highlights from each include:

  • Global Leadership in Addressing Chronic Disease: Initiative aims to improve the awareness, availability, and affordability of effective treatments through its Global NCD Initiative. We can only see the initiative results from the US states and some other countries (like Argentina, China, Guatemala, India, Peru and South Africa, etc), however we could not see any initiative in the Middle East. On ther other hand Medtronic Foundation grant program utilizes only 23 % of the total grantfor the international initiatives and regional results have not mentioned. 
  • Collaborative Culture of Innovation: The company reallocated research and development resources to promote access to therapies in emerging markets, including appointing local R&D staff and constructing a Medtronic Innovation Experience Center at its new regional headquarters in Shanghai, China.
  • Responsibility in the Marketplace: Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) training designed to promote responsible practices throughout its global supply chain. It is great to hear a global supply chain approach, so for the staff at the middle east offices!
  • Total Employee Engagement: A new global employee inclusion, diversity and engagement strategy was launched that engages business and regional leaders in creating local strategies for recruiting and retaining women in leadership positions and achieving diversity that reflects local demographics. We hope to see the effect of that approach in the Middle East offices too.
  • Progressive Environmental Stewardship: Company implemented a system for collecting information on product materials, which allows the company to more effectively assess compliance with environmental regulations globally and respond to customer inquiries. Great to have that point as a global implementation.

We all believe that global initiatives are applied and undertaken in the Middle East operation as well, however it would be great to see more focus from Medtronic Foundation to the regional initiatives in the Middle East. On the other hand, we hope to see more details about the CSR and Corporate Citizenship approach at the Medtronic Middle East website, which still keeps only the 2008 report of the company. 

Medtronic’s 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative G3 guidelines and incorporates interactive data tables, graphics and videos. A 16-page summary report is also available for download at www.medtronic.com/2012citizenshipreport.

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