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Wataniya Telecom served the community with distinguished initiatives last February

Based on its social responsibility and national loyalty; Wataniya Telecom had witnessed an active period filled with charitable and sociable events which have emerged from the spirit of celebration on the occasion of the national holidays.

By engaging in these corporate social responsibility activities Wataniya has positioned itself as an influential company with a leading role in showing loyalty and belonging to Kuwait at all levels.

Wataniya Telecom sponsored recently the February Annual Festivals which were organized by the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS) for pupils who are studying abroad to share with them the spirit of patriotism and celebrate Kuwait's National & Liberation Day. The first festival was held in Hyatt Regency Hotel in California State for the Kuwaiti students in U.S.A from February 22nd until 24th, 2013. Meanwhile, the second event was held at Hilton Park Lane Hotel for students of U.K. and Ireland in the same period.

This sponsorship comes under Wataniya's agenda to play a fundamental role in social activities which best serve its customers inside and outside Kuwait, in any possible manner and to emphasize that patriotism is not limited within the country's' borders. Another important factor Wataniya was seeking to accomplish through this event was to educate students about the world market needs and help them to maximize their potential on a personal and professional front. A Wataniya representative also gave a speech at the event about the career opportunities available for students at Wataniya Telecom.

A number of Kuwait's public figures attended the festivals and there were various activities during the festival. Activities included political and social lectures followed by open discussions and interviews with these prominent personalities and ending with external activities that included visiting the most important monuments in each of the host countries.

In addition to that, a team from Wataniya Telecom had visited a nursing home and an orphanage as the company was keen to celebrate the joy of the National Holidays' by sharing a touch of love and care with those who truly need it. The team also presented a variety of gifts to the elders and the orphans. Wataniya Telecom has emphasized that the main goal of these visits is to help inject hope and happiness in the lives of the underprivileged. It has also expressed its overwhelming joy in getting the chance to communicate with this special segment of society. It's worth mentioning that Wataniya Telecom has been increasing its social activities in order to show its support to the Kuwaiti society and embrace them with care and attention.

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