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Volkswagen Kuwait launches 'Think Blue. World Championship.' fuel saving game

Volkswagen Kuwait, as part of an international campaign, has launched the 'Think Blue. World Championship.' fuel saving game on Facebook. Users can take part in the virtual fuel saving game and can win a chance to qualify for the regional finals to be held in Dubai, and the international finals taking place in California.

More conscious driving can cut fuel consumption by up to 25% and protect the environment. As part of Volkswagen's holistic approach to sustainability, "Think Blue.", the new Facebook app is a fun and exciting game that heightens awareness of more efficient driving, and shows that all drivers can make their own personal contribution to environmental protection without sacrificing driving pleasure.

Commenting on the launch of the "Think Blue. World Championship." app, Karsten Jankowski, Marketing Director, Volkswagen Middle East, said, "We're please to launch the Volkswagen fuel saving app here in the Middle East, as part of Volkswagen's international initiative to drive environmental change. The principle of "Think Blue." is perfectly reflected by the game and inspires everyone to join us in making our everyday driving behavior more responsible in an exciting and entertaining way."

Until 9 September, participants can play the game individually and against other regional players. In addition, the game trains users for the regional challenge, which will see the highest game scores qualify for the chance to attend the regional finals in Dubai. The regional competition winner will then go on to the "Think Blue. World Championship 2012." that is being held in November in California. The driver who completes the final competition with the lowest fuel consumption and also demonstrates his or her knowledge of environmental protection and sustainability will become world champion.

"Volkswagen Middle East looks forward to holding the regional completion in Dubai, and we anticipate an exciting final in California. Our "Think Blue." initiatives "Clean the Beach" and "Clean the Desert" which were held earlier this year in the United Arab Emirates, form part of our "Think Blue." campaign which encourages people to take small initiatives in everyday life to reduce the impact of their lives on the environment. "Think Blue." focuses on the wider environmental responsibility of Volkswagen Middle East too, and we hope to ensure that the momentum gathered during the campaign continues long after it's finished," concluded Mr. Jankowski.

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