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Vodafone launches 3rd edition of ‘World of Difference’ programme

Under its ‘Better World’ Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Vodafone continues to bring the ‘World of Difference’ programme to life for third year in Qatar. 

The unique flagship programme is a first of its kind in Qatar under which Vodafone gives the opportunity to selfless and dedicated individuals to apply and receive funding for one year and make a positive change in Qatar by supporting a local cause or addressing a social issue. 

The programme is an innovative approach that scores highly in contrast with traditional grant-giving or philanthropy, leading the way to a different way for charity –not by simply donating money, but by sustaining people to fulfill their charitable projects for an entire year. 

“The programme is about connecting passionate people to a local need, so they can complete a project that will make a sustained difference to the lives of others. While many people dream of ‘making a difference’, constraints of time and money often curb the extent to which that dream can become a reality,” said Dana Haidan, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Vodafone Qatar.

The World of Difference programme was first launched in 2011 in Qatar, and awarded four passionate individuals who helped address several social issues such as English language learning for migrant workers, and poverty in some areas in Qatar. 

In 2012, the programme awarded two winners who helped physically challenged people become more engaged in sports through swimming and diving, and also brought attention to the issue of animal welfare in Qatar.

The programme was originally launched in New Zealand in 2003 and is now the flagship programme of the Vodafone Group Foundation and Vodafone operating companies around the world. 

To date, more than 100 projects have been completed in over 50 countries, which have positively impacted the lives of thousands of people around the world.

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