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Valuable rewards from Emarat for the users of the recycling units at its stations

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation "Emarat" has always been committed to the protection and preservation of a healthy and clean environment, along with raising awareness regarding minimizing waste production. And in accordance with this commitment, Emarat launched a unique promotional campaign rewarding its customers with "i Pad 2" every month for their use of the recycling units at select service stations in Dubai. 

Mr. Hussain Kazim, Manager Corporate Communications at Emarat, said that the Corporation's aim from this campaign is to encourage the public to take care of the environment and to preserve its health and cleanliness. Emarat will be rewarding its customers for using the recycling units available at 16 service stations in Dubai. Mr. Kazim further stressed that this step is in line with the corporate social responsibility criteria and standards adopted by Emarat and implemented throughout its various activities aiming to protect the natural environment of the UAE.  

Mr. Kazim also said that an Apple i Pad 2 will be given as a reward to a lucky customer every month on the use of the recycling units to dispose of at least 10 glass, plastic or metal containers. 

Each of these state of the art recycling units can recycle and treat 25 tons of waste annually, and the final product would be recycled raw materials fit for use in different industries. 

Furthermore, these units work in a different way than that applied currently in the few recycling centers, as these machines are based on a highly developed technology that can determine the type of each container, whether it was made from paper, glass or metal. When a customer uses a unit, he will get a coupon allowing him to take part in Emarat's promotion.

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