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A supermarket chain has launched a new drive to support local farmers.

Alosra Supermarket on Budaiya Highway is partnering with Bahraini farmers through its "Think Local" initiative.

It will offer produce from local farms, supporting their business and the economy in the process.

The scheme also has environmental benefits, since it reduces the need for foreign imports.

"For a long time now, a great emphasis has been placed on imported goods such as fruits and vegetables," said Alosra general manager Jaffar Al Asfoor.

"Customers believe that imported produce must be of better quality.

"With 'Think Local', we intend to prove that this is not the case by handpicking the best produce from local family farms and helping customers discover the abundance of fresh quality food in our own backyard."

Alosra has launched the campaign in partnership with Bahraini farmer Sadeq Abdullah, who has a farm on Budaiya Highway close to the supermarket in Saar.

"We want our shoppers to know that local food is good for you, good for the people who grow it and good for the planet," added Mr Al Asfoor.

"Our goal is to build customer confidence in local produce, to motivate them to buy more nutritious locally grown food and thereby support the farmers who grow it."

Through the initiative, the supermarket chain aims to minimise transportation and storage time - which compromises the freshness and taste of fruits and vegetables.

As a result, it also reduces carbon emissions from transport vehicles and also reduces costs.

"While countries across the world have embraced the benefits of being a 'locavore' and eating food grown close to home, the movement is yet to catch on in Bahrain, which is where our Think Local campaign comes in," added BMMI corporate social responsibility and brand executive Yasmin Hussain.

"As consumers become more concerned with the quality of their food, we wanted to enable them to experience the taste, health and economic benefits of buying local food.


"By doing so, consumers not only get a fresher, tastier product that is grown within their own community, but they will also help us reduce our carbon footprint.

"Transporting fruit and vegetables from overseas consumes energy and creates pollution.

"When you opt for the local produce, you help preserve the environment. It's a win-win situation for everyone."

Alosra has even compiled a variety of recipes that involve the use of local ingredients, which are on display in its supermarkets.

Meanwhile, Bahraini produce will be easily identifiable in the supermarkets with a Think Local label.

"Every time you put an item with this label into your basket, you are showing your support for your community," said Ms Hussein.

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