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Social responsibility, top priority for KPC - Sheikh Talal

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's Managing Director for Government, Parliamentary, Public Relations and Media Affairs Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid Al-Sabah said that promoting the values of corporate social responsibility is a top priority for KPC."The importance of the KPC social role of KPC is no less than its economic one," Sheikh Talal said in a press statement Monday.

The corporate social responsibility is a pillar for any effort aiming to achieve sustainable economic and social development in the country, he underlined. Sheikh Talal went on to say that there is a real need to instill the values of social solidarity and increase corporations' contribution to social programs and projects. In a step that reflects this attention, KPC has donated free fuel coupons for the Kuwaiti Society for the Handicapped.

On this occasion, Sheikh Talal met Monday at his office with a delegation from the Kuwaiti Society for the Handicapped including Mr. Hashim Taqi, Director General. The delegation commended KPC's tireless and supportive efforts towards the Society.

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