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Saudi Basic Industries Corporation publishes Sustainability Report 2014

SABIC launched its fourth Sustainability Report, “Foundation for the Future” on April 30, 2015.

The title reflects SABIC’s commitment to growing its business responsibly and sustainably, ensuring future generations have the ability to realize their potential and improve their quality of life.

This report builds on the great progress SABIC has made so far and is another step on the path to a sustainable and efficient future for the economy, society, and the environment.

As a global leader, SABIC’s focus on sustainability is central to its business strategy. This will ensure that the company provides its customers with the innovations and services they need to deliver differentiated products to global customers while meeting their own long-term aims and objectives. This commitment is an investment in everyone’s future.

Sustainability is one of the key foundation elements of SABIC’s 2025 strategy. Putting sustainability in such a central role is not only a strong statement to SABIC’s external stakeholders and competitors, but also a powerful message to its employees: that sustainability is central to everything SABIC does.

As with past reports, this edition reflects SABIC’s increasing commitment to all the dimensions of sustainability. To ensure success, the governance of SABIC’s sustainability strategy is integrated and comprehensive. SABIC’s approach to ethics and compliance goes beyond its legal obligations. These and a range of performance metrics that chart SABIC’s progress are included in the report. They will be expanded as SABIC’s sustainability journey matures in both scope and depth, and as the company continues to improve its focus on the processes that impact its material issues.

To communicate its successes, SABIC told its sustainability story through real-world examples of how the company is partnering with communities for economic and social development, the protection of natural resources, and the development and protection of human capital.

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