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Diverse, innovative and socially-responsible programs have resulted in Rawabi Holding being number one in developing the most nationally competitive workforce in Saudi Arabia.

Rawabi Holding secured the top spot in the category of Building a Nationally Competitive Work force in the prestigious King Khalid Award for Responsible Competitiveness in the Saudi Arabian Responsibility Competitiveness Index (SARCI).

The SARCI is driven and organized by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) with the support of the King Khalid Charitable Foundation.

In a second major accolade, Rawabi Holding was placed in the top 20 of 115 companies in the Kingdom for the King Khalid Award Responsible Competitiveness in the RCI, further tribute to the excellence of company’s sweeping corporate social responsibility programs.

Abdul Aziz Al-Turki, group chairman of Rawabi Holding, cited the importance of the role that the King Khalid Charitable Foundation plays in the community by facilitating the prestigious awards.

“Rawabi has spared no efforts to provide help in the development of national programs and in the advancement of sustainable development. Aiding and supporting the nation’s youth is one of Rawabi’s most prized characteristics. I thank the organizers of this award that fueled the spirit of fair competition between the various national sectors.”

The honors were handed out at a prestigious forum in Riyadh.

Rawabi Holding is widely applauded for generating more jobs for nationals via the Saudization programs and paying special attention to its female employment ratio, delegating 22 percent of major positions to women.

Corporate social responsibility is pivotal to Rawabi Holding’s core business practices and it was because of the various CSR programs that it offers that it was adjudged leading company in the Kingdom  or "Building a Nationally Competitive Work Force".

The company’s socially-aware initiatives include the Rawabi Youth Empowerment Program which invests in generating a positive social environment for young nationals.

And Rawabi’s Community Investment Program supports local and international foundations and organizations in their contributions to community development in sectors including health, education, culture, employment skills training, technology, and much more, to boost quality of life in the Kingdom.

Rawabi’s Corporate Community Service Program encourages employees to volunteer to assist social organizations and charities at local and national level.

These include campaigns for blood donors, raising environmental awareness such as "Together to Save Jeddah", involvement in the Saudi Cancer Foundation Open Day for Children.

Al-Turki said: “The King Khalid Charitable Foundation strives to continue to walk in the footsteps of King Khalid and on his path of community service and social responsibility. This award creates a responsible, competitive culture that pushes companies to strive for more development and greater excellence.”

Kim Al-Sahhaf, head of competitiveness initiatives at the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, added: “I am delighted at the progress and success that Rawabi Holding has achieved through its different social responsibility programs and its uninterrupted input on community development.”

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