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RasGas and KOGAS team up on Corporate Social Responsibility project for Daegu City community, Korea

As a global energy supplier, RasGas is committed to making a difference in the lives of the communities where it lives and works, in Qatar and abroad, through its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. As part of its ongoing CSR programme, RasGas and KOGAS held a special event to mark the opening of the ‘Moonlight Children’s Park’ at Dong-gu District in Daegu Metropolitan City following the completion of the renovation of the park facilities. The renovation of ‘Moonlight Children’s Park’ included a relaxation area for senior citizens, installing sports equipment for residents and upgrading the children’s playground facilities.

“RasGas has a long standing partnership with KOGAS to meet the energy requirements of South Korea. On behalf of RasGas Chief Executive Officer, Hamad Rashid Al-Mohannadi, RasGas is very proud and honoured to take such partnership even further by jointly launching this CSR campaign with KOGAS for the residents and children of Daegu City, the new home of KOGAS Headquarters offices,” said Ali Khalaf Al-Kaabi, RasGas’ Marketing Manager (Long Term Sales) and LNG Marketing Committee Secretary.

Al-Kaabi said: “This pioneering international CSR initiative demonstrates RasGas’ commitment to positive and proactive corporate citizenship, and our dedication to KOGAS, the people of South Korea, and Daegu City community.”

Mayor of Dong-gu District of Daegu Metropolitan City, Daesik Kang said: “Today is a very significant day, as this CSR campaign marks the first collaboration between public and private organisations from two friendly countries, Qatar and Korea. I would like to express a special thanks to RasGas and KOGAS.”

KOGAS Vice President Kim said: “This event should be regarded as important as this is the first collaboration CSR event in Korea between KOGAS as a customer and RasGas as a supplier. KOGAS and RasGas will try to find more meaningful CSR events in Daegu city in the future.”

This joint CSR campaign by RasGas and KOGAS will bring tangible benefits to the local community in Daegu city. The renovation of ‘Moonlight Children’s Park’ is one aspect of the CSR campaign that was signed on 1st August, 2014 at the Daegu City Hall between the Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS), RasGas Company Limited, Kyungbok National University Hospital, and the Community Chest of Korea Daegu Branch to promote sharing of culture and welfare in Daegu city by supporting a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the renovation of ‘Moonlight Children’s Park’ and part of this CSR campaign, RasGas and KOGAS are also supporting a children’s library at Kyung-bok University Hospital and to support orphanages.

Qatar through RasGas is the largest LNG supplier to South Korea, and a reliable long-term partner of KOGAS, the world’s largest single buyer of LNG.

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