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Qatargas TV commercial promotes safe driving

Qatargas has launched a special TV commercial aimed at promoting safe driving behaviour, in line with the Ministry of Interior's efforts to spread road safety awareness in the community.

The 30-second TV commercial titled "Did you get the message?" is being aired on Qatar TV through the month of Ramadan. It can also be viewed online on Qatargas' official website (www.qatargas.com.qa) and on YouTube (QatargasTVC Road Safety 2015).

The commercial highlights the danger of using mobile phones while driving and focuses specifically on the danger of 'texting' while driving. According to official figures released by the Traffic Department, using mobile phones while driving was one of the key causes of the 5,230 road accidents registered in Qatar during 2014.

The commercial shows how texting distracts the driver and leads to a crash as the driver's attention is on the phone rather than on the road. The primary target audience for the commercial is the youth, as texting while driving is more widespread among them.

Promoting road safety is a key element of Qatargas' corporate social responsibility programme. Safety is a core value and a top priority in all areas of the company's business and operations. Qatargas has a programme called "Incident and Injury Free" that focuses on taking all necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries and ensure that everyone goes home safe every day. Road safety is an integral part of the company's overall safety culture.

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