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The first edition of the Qatar CSR Report 2012 has been launched. The report reviews the latest developments in CSR from both government and private institutions, including Qatar National Vision 2030, National Development Strategy 2011-16, Qatar 2022, National Day, National Sports Day and has a vivid description on the Millennium Development Goals.

The report incorporates the United Nation's ten principles on climate change in Qatar, and strategies carried out by relevant public and private sector entities to implement it in the country.

The Qatar CSR 2012 provides an insight on the National Day, Sports Day, reports humanitarian and human development, and has a vivid description on the Millennium Development Goals, and experiments leading to the betterment of the public and private sectors, and the community at large in Qatar.

The Qatar CSR Report 2012 has contributions from government and private sectors such as the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority, the Commission on National Heritage of Qatar 2022, Qatar Statistics Authority, Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry, ExxonMobil, Maersk-Qatar, Shell, Doha Bank, Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB), Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), Masraf Al Rayan Bank, Nasser Bin Khaled (NBK) and CNBC Arabiya.

Chairwoman of the Arabic Encyclopedia of Social Responsibility (which has its headquarters in the UAE), Ms. Kaltham Salem in her remarks said, "Qatar plays a leading role in promoting social responsibility. Qatar has taken lead in many areas of relevance and has shown growing interest on a global scale. Perhaps the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP18) is a perfect example of the confidence of the international community in Qatar and its efforts to achieve sustainable development."

Commenting on the Qatar CSR 2012 Report, Said, Khalifa Salman Al Mohannadi, General Manager of Sougha Advertising and Marketing Manager for the report, "We are delighted that Qatar is the first Arab country to launch social responsibility report, and we hope that a report will be a tool in supporting national growth. It will provide a regular monitoring in the area of social responsibility, and facilitate exchange of ideas which would further help in the preparation of development plans."

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