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PepsiCo quenches decertified woodlands in Lebanon

PepsiCo campaigned to reforest the town of Dmit, Shouf district, on Monday, March 5th, where 1 hectare of land was planted, in cooperation with the Association for Forests Development and Conservation AFDC in order to meet the season of forest fires, which increases with each summer in Lebanon, as well as for the prevention of desertification and drought.

PepsiCo staff planted hundreds of forest seedlings from pine to oak and initiated environmental and developmental activities, as well as educational lectures on forestry resources.

In this context, PepsiCo's East Mediterranean and Africa Business Unit General Manager in Lebanon, Marwan Istaitie, emphasized on "the importance of activities for employees outside the workplace, especially those that aspire to promote human, talent and environmental causes."

Istaitie added, "PepsiCo is active and dedicated on the Corporate Social Responsibility tier and its initiatives are manifested around the globe through different cause related projects within its Performance with Purpose Agenda."

The Association for Forests Development and Conservation, AFDC, presented the techniques on how to preserve the environment, the importance of ecological awareness, and the benefits of volunteering in order to develop the environment in general and prevent forest fires and neglect, in particular.

PepsiCo is keen to establish activities aimed at promoting the growth of society and the social dimension and environmental communities, particularly in the Lebanese society.

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