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Pacific Ventures announces its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for Special Needs

Dubai real estate market has recently shown an escalation in residential, office, retail and hotel projects, these recent trends and developments in the market have highlighted the future outlook and projections of the demand and supply in Dubai.

One such leading player "Pacific Ventures Ltd" a Dubai based Real Estate Company has now announced their CSR initiative for the children of Al Noor Training Centre.

Having initiated 3 projects in Dubai at Jumeriah Village Triangle and the Burj Khalifa district namely, Pacific Ventures have pledged to incorporate this corporate responsibility as a catalyst for growth and innovation for society.

The Chairman and Managing Director Pacific Ventures, Parvez Khan says that "Health and Education have been identified as the two primary factors effecting children most, and through our initiative we will help in giving the best surroundings to keep the children healthy and safe". He further adds that "Corporate social responsibility is a necessity in today's times; it should be a personal initiative from the company heads and should go beyond numbers thus enabling us to create a better tomorrow".

At Pacific Ventures, the commitment to good governance, ethical conduct and social responsibility is core to the way of doing business, and is strongly aligned with their drive to create and increase value for all stakeholders. Commenting on this Khan further adds that "We have personally inspected Al Noor Centre and are able to identify the refurbishment needs of the Centre. It is our intention to partner and support them in their activities and also engage my colleagues and Pacific Ventures brand ambassador Ms. Uma Ghosh to work passionately towards this noble cause. It is our passion to make a distinctive difference in the lives of the children and keep them entertained in every sense of the word, be it by escorting them to the snow park at a mall or to escort them to a Kidzania workshop which will give them an opportunity to explore themselves further. Al Noor is a cause extremely close to my heart and I will go beyond my best here."

In adherence to the same Uma quotes that "Children are the foundation of society and even the most vulnerable ones need to feel belonged and accepted and understood by us all only then can we say we have an evolved society in the real sense."

Adding to this further khan says "In our office we are clear about the concept of charity and try our best to help and reach out to all those seeking help and we will put our best foot forward to support the cause and in particular with those associated with children who are innocent and needing attention combined with a selfless dedication and sincerity. As I am myself a father I do understand the needs of a child and therefore will be happy to be associated with the Al Noor School in every possible way even if small."

Ms. Isphana Al-Khatib, Director, Al Noor Training Centre said, "Having the commitment of Pacific Ventures at corporate level with a personal commitment of the Chairman and Managing Director Pervez Khan will be a huge support to the Centre. It is through such understanding and involvement that the Centre will be able to continue providing meaningful care and professional services contributing to a better quality of life for individuals with Special Needs."

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