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Nuqul Group’s employees renovate its adopted schools in Al Koura in collaboration with INJAZ Organization

Nuqul Group’s employees renovate its adopted schools in Al Koura in collaboration with INJAZ Organization


Amman – July 2011

With the closure of schools and beginning of the summer break, Nuqul Group’s employees organized a school maintenance drive in Al Koura district building on the Group’s partnership with INJAZ organization that aims at enhancing the educational environment in the area.


In collaboration with INJAZ’s team, Nuqul Group’s employees headed to the four schools adopted by the Group to renovate them preparing them for the new scholastic year.


Commenting on this effort, Nicola Billeh, Nuqul Group’s HR Director, said: “Nuqul Group’s partnership with INJAZ is one that we are very proud of; touching people’s lives is a very rewarding deed and we as ambassadors of the Group wanted to be part of this fulfilling experience”.


“The Group’s CSR initiative in Al Koura has many aspects, and our team members’ involvement is what brings life to it. We are very glad to be part of such an empowering initiative and we look forward to really impacting the lives of Koura students and residents”, added Mr. Billeh


Rami Shishan, Development Unit Manager at INJAZ, also commented: “Our partnership with Nuqul Group entails the implementation of different educational programs in the district in addition to the renovation of the adopted schools to create a better learning environment and uplift the educational experience in these schools”.


“Nuqul Group’s employees’ belief in the cause and commitment to personally help and support took this partnership to another level of collaboration and direct interaction. We are very happy with their dedication and we foresee great results in the near future.” Added Mr. Shishan


Nuqul Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility involves the adoption of the local community in Al Koura through several programs that include feeding, empowerment and employment projects in addition to the micro venture projects that were established in the district. Nuqul Group joins hands with national and local NGO’s to further enhance its role and increase positive impact in the area.

Celebrating 60 years of achievements, innovation and impacting surrounding communities, Nuqul Group today runs different investments and industries led by an empowered 5800 team members spanning several continents.

Nuqul Group embodies two major holding entities; FINE Hygienic Holding (FHH) being the umbrella for paper mills, FINE hygienic paper companies and supporting industries; while The Promise Holding includes diverse investments in different sectors and modes.

INJAZ first started in 1999 as a program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), then it was launched in 2001 as an independent non-profit Jordanian organization under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah with the mission of inspiring and preparing young Jordanians to become productive members in their society and succeed in the global economy. INJAZ has successfully reached over 50000 beneficiaries across the Kingdom through its network of dedicated volunteers and its partners from the private and public sector also INJAZ is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide.

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