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McDonald's Egypt sponsors summer programs at Ezbet Khairallah schools

Within the framework of its social responsibility and its keenness to give back to the community in which it operates, McDonald's Egypt sponsored all summer programs in Ezbet Khairallah schools including arts, sports, theater, music and medical care.

Additionally, McDonald's Egypt held a graduation ceremony for students in the summer program, including entertainment featuring Ronald McDonald, which children extremely enjoyed.

Alaa Fathy, General Manager of McDonald's Egypt, stated, "Sponsoring the summer programs in Ezbet Khairallah schools is a continuation of our on-going support to one of the largest unplanned communities in Egypt. Since 2009, we have been very active in Ezbet Khairallah and Batn El Bakara in providing children with the right education to give them a better future."

McDonald's Egypt is committed to fighting the education problem, which is one of the most difficult challenges facing society, particularly in underprivileged areas. McDonald's Egypt renovated and developed school facilities in Ezbet Khairallah and Batn El Bakara at a cost of LE3.5m by collecting 25 piasters from the price of every Happy Meal and LE900,000 from donation boxes located in most branches throughout the country. Through these donations, McDonald's Egypt also renovated 24 nurseries serving more than 2247 children.

Furthermore, McDonald's Egypt renewed two elementary classrooms in Ezbet Kairallah and Batn El Bakara, in addition to plans to renovate five more classrooms by the end of this year. It also provided training to nursery teachers in Ezbet Khairallah and Batn El Bakara to enhance their educational skills to offer the best to children.

Additionally, it conducted awareness programs for 5040 mothers to develop and improve their parenting skills to encourage healthy practices and sound behavior to raise children in a safe and clean environment.

Also, McDonald's Egypt is providing indirect job opportunities to Ezbet Khairallah and Batn El Bakra residents who suffer from poverty and unemployment, including mothers in the area who will make and tailor uniforms for Ezbet Khairallah and Batn El Bakara school children as well as craftsmen and carpenters who'll regularly renovate classrooms.

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