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Kuwait Petroleum International issues first sustainability report

Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) proudly issued its first sustainability report for the year 2012-2013.

The Q8 Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) was prepared using the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRIs) International Guidelines and officially certifies KPI against the internationally recognized GRI Application Level Check.

The Report has now been added to the official database within GRI's online portal (globalreporting.org), and has been published within the Corporate Sustainability section of Kuwait Petroleum International's corporate website (Q8.com).

It was prepared entirely using in-house resources (without the help of any external advisors or consultants), reinforcing the Corporation's commitment to fully integrating its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives into the culture.

Kuwait Petroleum International's CEO, Mr. Bakheet Al-Rashidi said, "In creating this Report, we want to document our ongoing progress in sustainability development to our employees, shareholders and business partners, to our external stakeholders such as governments and investors, and (most importantly) to the communities within which we operate.

This first report now serves as a baseline on which to build and improve into the future.
As a Company, we believe that sustainability reporting, which is one key element of our overall corporate social responsibility strategy, is vital to creating a prosperous long-term future."

Mr. Adnan Al-Qallaf, Manager of KPI's Stakeholder Management Department (who were responsible for issuing the report) said, "Our Sustainability Teams in Kuwait and Europe worked in harmony to create the Report and achieve the Certification. It represents a significant achievement for the Stakeholder Management Department, which has a central function in ensuring our commitment to continuously improving our operations and standards and enhancing all of our social responsibility initiatives."

Sustainability Reporting is an international practice for measuring, disclosing, and ultimately becoming accountable to internal and external stakeholders by reporting economic, environmental, social and governance performance.
Kuwait Petroleum International Ltd is a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. 

The Company operates two refineries and 4,000 retail service stations in Europe as well as global aviation, commercial road transport fuel and lubricants businesses.

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