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KPMG: We Need [Job] Candidates Who Can Make Business Sense Out of Sustainability

In a recent interview with the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), KPMG's Barend van Bergen predicted that jobs in CSR and sustainability are poised for strong growth in coming years.

KPMG's Head of Global Center of Excellence for Climate Change and Sustainability, van Bergen was speaking on how sustainability is an undeniable mega-trend today not only for the professional services giant, but for the global economy.

He touched on several key—and concerning issues—that are worth a heard. Key sound bites:

State of sustainability today

"Ten years ago sustainability was an emerging issue, a side issue. Today, it is a current agenda, big criteria for all decision making."

Where is sustainability headed?

"There will be more regulation kicking in; emerging markets will become more active in sustainability and the capital markets and the financial sector will become more active in coming years."

Job Opportunities in CSR

"Yes, I do think [the demand is going to grow] so. At KPMG, we are looking for these professionals. The financial sector is huge, the corporate sector as a whole, and consulting will all see a strong demand for CSR professionals."

Important skills for Job Candidates in CSR

"We need people who understand climate change, water, but also human rights. [We need] more people who can make business sense out of sustainability and pull other people from emerging markets into the globalized economy. Having worked in the capital markets is a big plus as well."

Bergen also touched on how recent events have changed the way companies approach sustainability and his perspective on ESG investing. Worth a listen.

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