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KFH: Diabetes application on iPhone heavily downloaded by users

Kuwait Finance House announced that the diabetes application that it had launched for iPhone users is first health and fitness applications, and seventh in Kuwait's App Store.

This reflects the quality of services that KFH offers the public, and reveals its strong dependence on advanced technology. 

The application that offers useful tips and recommendations in Arabic and English for free, is part of KFH's efforts in the field of social responsibility; especially that diabetes has grave social and economic dimensions for the patients, such as hampering the capabilities of those suffering from the disease, and the high cost of treatment and prevention.

Moreover, the upgraded application was the first of its kind among local banks and corporations, and can be downloaded for free through App Store, where the user will enter KFH Diabetes Aid. 

The application offers nutritional tips, amongst other useful information, such as the locations of diabetes clinics, a log for personal data, and an alarm for notifying the patient about the right time to administer medicines. In addition, the application allows patients to save their personal data, such as levels of sugar, and send it through e-mail to the doctor handling the case, which provides the doctor with a history of the patient's case. 

It is worth noting that KFH had launched earlier an application for diabetes on iPhones, and this application was downloaded heavily and applauded by users from around the globe, which prompted KFH to launch an upgraded version of its application. 

In addition, KFH launched during the past two years three applications for clients that allow them to take advantage of various banking and financing services, including the holy Quran application.

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