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Interact Egypt organises entrepreneur gathering

Interact Egypt, a one-stop-shop for online innovations, recently organised an Entrepreneurship meetup as part of its CSR, for Egypt Startups, entrepreneurs, online experts, gurus as well as entrepreneurship supporters like mentors & consultants to meet in a casual setting to discuss the current challenges in Egypt that hinder entrepreneurial initiatives.

This meetup was intended mainly for technology entrepreneurs (anybody who has interesting ideas, vision or product for web and mobile), to tackle the five principle challenges and other minor problems that face them with their startups. Such challenges were the funding, business planning, marketing activities, sales management, lack of resources and others.

The main goal for the gathering was to unleash those challenges as well as hear from people who already solved them. Therefore, the event started with inspirational mini-speeches by three entrepreneurs with successful entrepreneurial cases who managed their way through those challenges. Those mentors were AbdellatifOlama, CEO of Dear'n'Deal, AbdelrahmanWahba, CEO of Iqraaly and Hady Ahmed, CEO of Tabshoura.

The 55 people who attended took part in business networking events, open discussions and lots of debates between each other. Then they had a group game for identifying challenges and finally business networking Q&A session with open discussion. The conclusion was that funding and business planning contributed to the majority of challenges.

The meetup was also live streamed and live tweeted by Interact, attendees and online followers who asked questions and interact tweeted back the answers. By the end of the meetup, they announced three winners for their mini-contest ‘MeetupTweetmaster’, who won an exclusive training session for entrepreneurial skills by GEP Egypt.

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