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Homes r Us launches officials visit Dubai Autism Center

Emphasizing the importance of accepting and embracing individuals with special needs, Homes r Us launched an online community initiative during the month of Ramadan. In continuation of their program, senior representatives from Homes r Us visited the Dubai Autism Center (DAC) and presented them with special gifts as a part of a wish list.

The wish list included musical toys, colored threads, cameras, CD players, computer speakers, fridge, vacuum cleaner, sewing machine and much more. By granting their simple wish, the aim of the initiative was to extend support and enrich the facilities for the training center. 

"At Homes r Us we believe it is our responsibility to support community initiatives and I would sincerely like to thank all our fans for their whole-hearted contribution in sharing our spirit of Ramadan." said Mr.Srikanth Parthasarathy, Senior Vice President, Homes r Us.

"Visiting the Dubai Autism Center was a moment of great joy and the time we spent with the kids was a great experience. We are extremely pleased to have this opportunity to support Dubai Autism Center (DAC) and it gives us immense pleasure to be contributing to this noble cause in our small own way." He concluded.

Founded in 2001, Dubai Autism Center is the largest, most innovative and comprehensive non-profit organization in the UAE serving children with Autism. Before the centre was established, not many knew what autism meant, however, with special awareness campaigns every year since, people now have a better understanding of the condition.

Homes r Us has been at the forefront of social causes and with the launch of the online community initiative, the famous lifestyle brand has once again set another milestone in making a significant difference to the lives of many!

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