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ArtMedium Projects, a division under ArtMedium, an arts management company based in Jordan, is launching a campaign under the name Green Art Project (May – July 2011).

The campaign targets the general Jordanian public, aimed to raise awareness about environmental issues we face locally. The communications of this campaign revolve around using art as a concept and a tool to inspire environmental awareness.
The tools in this project various and meant to inclusively tackle various platforms. A competition was launched early May in public and private schools around Jordan calling on students ages 9–12 to submit an artwork about the environment for a chance to win a laptop and an art materials package, 20 winners will be chosen. An exhibition of the winning artwork will be on exhibit at Zara Gallery from July 4–18. Before the exhibition a media and public awareness campaign will be launched at the beginning of June using wooden trees, decorated by emerging local artists, as public art installations in 30 locations in Amman, primarily roundabouts. And finally a one of a kind Gala dinner with Music Hall from Beirut, held on June 27 at the Grand Hyatt, will raise funds to finance a sustainable startup artistic and creative environmental project in Amman. This project is supported by Toyota Al Markazieh and the Grand Hyatt.

ArtMedium feels strongly about reaching a diverse demographic by pulling a wide variety of participants to reach an even wider audience. The aim is to use creativity and visual appeal through art that communicates ideas that need to be heard, with using an attractive, exciting and effective method in an inspiring action.

For more information visit www.artmedium.me

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