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Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) organizes an Internship and Employment Awareness Workshop for its scholars

Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) organizes an Internship and Employment Awareness Workshop for its scholars

Amman - June 2011

Building on its previous workshops, and aiming at creating awareness, educating, motivating, providing various skills to improve employability opportunities for its scholars, the Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) held an internship and employment awareness workshop for its scholars and graduates at Nuqul Group’s premises.

The interactive workshop was led by Mr. Yazan Majaj, an ENF Board of Trustees’ member, and his partners from Q perspective, It covered various topics related to internship, employment and career research including job skills. It covered best practices towards job search motivating scholars to look for employment opportunities related to their specialties while stimulating them to think about, plan and develop their own career paths.

Commenting on the workshop, Randi Abdin, Director of Elia Nuqul Foundation, said: “ENF aspires to empower youth in various creative ways and in a multi-layered manner; we encourage the development of our scholars through equipping them with lifetime skills, scholarly enrichment and learning experience, professional and personal development facilitating their entrance to the real life with confidence, positive attitudes, motivation and hope, and thus, enhancing their employment opportunities”.

“These workshops are meant to raise the awareness of our scholars and graduates not only throughout the course of the sessions given, but also through interacting with each other and exchanging valuable real life experiences”, added Ms. Abdin.

It is worth mentioning that the internship and employment awareness workshop is part of ENF’s holistic development plan created for its scholars during their years of study.

The Elia Nuqul Foundation was established in 2008 by the Nuqul family as a philanthropic entity focusing on social development initiatives benefitting individuals and local communities within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through its two areas of interventions - the Elia Nuqul Scholarship Fund and the Social Entrepreneurship Program.

The Elia Nuqul Scholarship Fund and Social Entrepreneurship Program aim to encourage the development of Jordanian youth through access to higher education at universities, community colleges or vocational training facilities, provide lifelong learning experiences and skills training to produce well-rounded individuals, encouraging youth to think socially and advocating in promoting the growth of a sound social entrepreneurship sector in Jordan.

Q perspective is a private Jordanian firm with regional operations. The firm  provides  comprehensive services  for transforming non – profit organizations and initiatives  into responsive, effective, sustainable, and results –based cultures of excellence. Through its senior and diversely qualified team of partners and associates, Q perspective offers consulting services in the areas of CSR, Training and Capacity Building, Social Research, organizational and Strategic development, advocacy and resource mobilization, and communication strategies for non – profit organizations and activities with an emphasis on content and design.


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